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CCStwmTalking mobile
Mobile connectivity and bespoke data analysis’ is something which we’re renowned for. Why? Because we manage every account as if it were our own.

We work with all major networks for the best offerings to help future proof your ongoing mobile expenditure. With that, we monitor user voice and data behavioural patterns and report back to help your business work smarter.

We frequently discover businesses are connected to ineffective plans, and can be locked into the wrong contracts often due to hidden terms and conditions.

We trade ethically, which is why many clients deploy our services to analyse their contracts when they are close to renewal to ensure they are getting a relevant and beneficial service.

Talking ITCCSit
Depending on the size of your organisation – we can function as your IT department or simply be on standby for extra support. Our ‘talking IT audit’ will recommend ways in which your business can maximize the existing infrastructures whilst highlighting further equipment and programs to consider in order to help future proof your operational strategy.

Security is our strength. In 30 years of trading, working with global brands, we have never had a security breach – so you can be rest assured all commercially sensitive information will be protected.

We put in place disaster avoidance and recovery plans to minimize any risks of viral attacks or down time. We do this by providing full network security and a protection blanket which guards internal and external traffic on all devices.

CCStelecomTalking telecom
We provide high quality, fixed and VoIP services over reliable networks. Our deliverables are tailored to suit your business needs.

We understand the importance of maintaining and modifying monitoring systems and reporting to suit developing organisations. After we complete a telecom audit, we can then deliver solutions that fit your business needs and budget. We’ll provide the best equipment to ensure your workforce will never miss a call.

CCSIoTTalking IoT
The internet of things (also known as the internet of everything) is one of the biggest drivers in business. It’s no longer about machine to machine (M2M) communication, IoT is about the smart use of big data and everything being connected via secure wireless networks.

As more objects become embedded with SIMs, new business models are created – improving on processes, reducing costs and risks across all industries.

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